August 2018

Issue 28: Imitation

We may be taught not to copy others, but once you start looking for it, imitation is everywhere. I copy you, you copy me, and the next thing we know we’re all dyeing our hair blue and singing Halleluljah.

This issue, we explore imitation meats, copycat suicides, how cells pretend to be dead, the ancient alchemical quest of turning metal into gold, and recreating the perfect raspberry bouquet.

Cover illustration by Kayla Oliver







This issue there is no new episode of Collateral to tickle your ears with sciency treats.

We never wanted to copy anyone else's style, so we've used our first two episodes to figure out how we want Collateral to sound. Now we have a clear idea of that, we're planning a bit further ahead.

While we do so, we're also looking for a couple more hands on deck (who knew a podcast was so much work?) If you'd like to join our podcasting team, check out the position description

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