October 2018

Issue 29: Fish

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. There are many kinds of fish in the sea, and some capture the imagination more than others (I’m looking at you, Nemo). But fish aren’t limited to the ocean, of course, and many of their freshwater friends are just as fintastic

This issue, in collaboration with the Australian Society for Fish Biology, we are hosting a national poll to crown Australia’s Favourite Fish. We hope to open your eyes to the wonderful and often overlooked diversity of our native fishes, and to establish a swimming order of Aussie species.

Nowadays, fish are also found in the lab, but should we be experimenting on fish at all? We take a fresh look at fishy issues this month.

Cover illustration by August Hao



Australia’s Favourite Fish

When asked to name an iconic Australian animal, our minds usually tend towards mammals and birds. But our waters also host a veritable wealth of fish diversity: Australia is home to over 5000 species, from the magnificent whale shark at 10m in length to the miniscule red-finned blue-eye, which barely scrapes past 2.5cm.

Australia’s Favourite Fish is a celebration of this incredible diversity. Whether you’re a scientist, an angler, an aquarium hobbyist, or just a general lover of wildlife, there’s plenty to treasure about our native fish.

Choose your favourite and champion your fish on social media (#AusFaveFish) to family and friends. Voting ends at midnight on October 31 AEST. 





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