Episode one: Villains

Welcome to the first episode of Collateral, (not just) a science podcast. Each episode of Collateral will follow the same theme as the current issue of the mag. This episode is all about villains.

Illustration by  Will Tempest

Illustration by Will Tempest


We’ve all heard of the great heroes of science. Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin, Marie Curie developing the theory of radioactivity, Charles Darwin formulating his theory of natural selection, and, of course, the whole community of scientists and researchers whose work may not achieve rock star status, but whose contributions to society are nevertheless vital.

But when it comes to the villains of science, it’s not necessarily the scientists themselves who fill that role. It’s often the tyrants in charge of them, or the people who put their discoveries into practice, or the diseases that are studied in the lab, or the environmental destruction that scientists work to undo. These are the villains of today’s episode.

In this episode, we share:

  • a harrowing field story in a tropical paradise (produced by Sunsanee McDonnell)

  • a story about the villains behind the Soviet Union's atomic bomb project (produced by Ellice Mol)

  • the case for antiheroes (produced by Silvi Vann-Wall)

  • an interview with our magazine’s cover artist, Will Tempest (produced by Linda Goodman)

  • a profile of an Unpopular Culture, gonorrhea (produced by Rhys McGowan)

Thanks to our Executive Producer Ellice Mol; sound designer and producer Rhys McGowan; and the podcast team, Sunsanee McDonnell and Sarah Matthews. Special thanks to our contributors Silvi Vann-Wall and Lynda Goodman. Thanks also for the support from Lateral's editor-in-chief Tessa Evans and the entire editorial team.

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