About Lateral

Lateral Magazine is a collection of new voices exploring the relationship between science and society. This relationship encompasses every aspect of human life, from the details of our everyday lives to parts of the wider world we never properly consider.

By supporting and providing a platform for some of the best new and up-and-coming science writers and artists, we hope to inspire a new generation that understands how science connects to their lives and to the world as a whole.

Lateral is a project of the Young Australian Skeptics, a group that has supported the exploration of science, critical thinking, pseudoscience, philosophy, education, and youth issues through online multimedia since 2008. This website was expertly crafted by DesignGel.


The Editorial Team

Our editorial team is composed of young people with backgrounds in both scientific research and communications. If you are interested in becoming an editor at Laterallet us know


Jack is a PhD student at the University of Melbourne, studying the evolutionary molecular genetics of insects. An active science communicator for close to a decade, he has written for SBS Science, SciLogs, COSMOS Magazine and Nature Education. His appreciation for both wasps and Björk has no limit.

editor@lateralmag.com / @JackLScanlan



Andrew is a zoologist and PhD student at Deakin University, specialising in bird behaviour. He has written and edited science articles for The Conversation, and produced the radio program A Science Story for SYN 90.7 FM.




Nicola recently completed her studies in journalism and immunology at Monash University. She's been working towards a career in science media since high school, seeking to combine her two passions. Nicola has written and edited for Monash publications Lot's Wife and Mojo, and presented for Radio Monash. She could happily spend the entire day at the cinema.

deputyeditor@lateralmag.com / @NicolaMcCaskill



Sara is currently employed at La Trobe University as the Senior Human Ethics Officer and spends a lot of her time helping students and academics with their human research ethics applications. She completed her undergraduate degree in Anatomical Sciences at the University of Manchester in the UK. She is an avid fiction reader and even named her dog David Mitchell, after the author.




Bryonie is an astrophysicist at the University of Melbourne. An eager science communicator, she has written and edited news articles for The Conversation. Her hobbies include telling anyone who’ll listen where planets are in the night sky.

physsci@lateralmag.com / @BryonieScott


Tessa is primarily a chemist who misses tinkering in the lab. She has been an editorial intern at The Conversation and spent 2016 driving around Australia teaching forensic science to high school students. She now works as a media coordinator at the New Zealand Science Media Centre

physsci@lateralmag.com / @TessaEEvans



Sara is on the Public Programs & Outreach team at Monash University Library, has has assisted with research on bats in Borneo, and edits theses for Masters students. A zoology and linguistics graduate, she enjoys discovering new ways that her nieces communicate, getting stuck into the gritty details of other languages, and travelling around the globe to learn all she can about the weird and wonderful ecosystems the world has to offer.

artcult@lateralmag.com / @SaraMNyhuis



Deborah is a postgrad editing and communications graduate from the University of Melbourne. She is also qualified in secondary teaching, with undergrad majors in English literature and religious studies. Her main area of interest is educational publishing, and she has edited for Macmillan Education and Cambridge University Press, interned at Wiley Education and edited PhD theses. She is passionate about using the power of education to make the world a happier place.



Art & Popular Culture Editor: Jessica Herrington

Jessica is a Master of Neuroscience student at the Australian National University. She is also a visual artist and is interested in how art and science can interact. Her passion is understanding visual perception, from both an artistic and scientific perspective. Jessica is also a writer for Runway Experimental Art Magazine, and Science Art in America Magazine.

artcult@lateralmag.com / @Jess_Herrington



Ena is a PhD candidate at the Queensland University of Technology and a Canadian enjoying thawing out in beautiful Brisbane. Her current research involves creating tiny 3D cartilage tissues from adult stem cells. She believes everyone’s life is made better with a daily dose of science.

socedu@lateralmag.com / @E__Music


Nicki is a recent PhD graduate from the University of Melbourne where she specialised in cancer genetics and cell biology. She quickly developed a passion for the beauty of science and has been using it as a way to communicate science to a broad audience ever since. You will find her organising science-based art exhibitions around Melbourne, or spreading the scientific love at artists' markets with her under-the-microscope jewellery enterprise, Artomic.

artdirector@lateralmag.com / @NickiCranna


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