Episode two: Maps


Welcome to the second episode of Collateral. 
Each episode of collateral will follow the same theme as the current issue of the mag. This show is all about maps.

 Illustration by  Chehehe

Illustration by Chehehe

Over 400 years ago the first modern atlas, known as the Theatre of the World, was created and published, by Abraham Ortelius. Ortelius's map, created in 1527, recorded the first evidence of continental drift and also helped to communicate the shape of the world. But of course, indigenous people all around the world had already mapped their environments. Indigenous Australians were guided by stars and songlines, ancestral tracks that existed thousands of years before any atlas. This episode explores all of that, plus the value of mapping brains, and the technology that maps genes so we can edit them.

What to expect in this episode:

  • how our four-legged friends use their sense of smell to chart neighbourhood scents in The Pee Cartographer (produced by Rhys McGowan)

  • uncovering the mysteries of the brain, an Interview with Dr Steve Kaseem, Neuroscience Research Australia (produced by Ellice Mol)

  • a travel guide to Indigenous Australia, an interview with with Professor Marcia Langton (produced by Rhys McGowan and Ellice Mol)

  • biohacking the genes we're born with (produced by Sarah Matthews)

  • and the tweet that got the attention of Bill Nye, The Science Guy (produced by Andrew Katsis)

Thanks to our Executive Producer Ellice Mol and Sound Designer and Producer Rhys McGowan, and Producers Sarah Matthews and Andrew Katsis. Special thanks to Lateral Magazine's editor-in-chief Tessa Evans and Sunsanee McDonell, from the podcast team, for their support .

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