Pitch to Lateral

Lateral accepts pitches about any topic relating to science and its interaction with society and culture. To get a good idea about the types of articles we publish, check out our past issue archives. We do not currently accept submissions of completed articles. We also commission artwork for feature articles and columns, if you’d like to join our pool of artists, see below.

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Magazine Pitching Guidelines

Your pitch should give us a clear idea of the topic and tone of th proposed article, and we should also be able to see how it will fit into Lateral’s ongoing exploration of the relationship between science and society.

Make sure you send your pitch to the section it will fit best in. Contact details for the different sections are available on the opposite side.

Experience required: None.

Here at Lateral, our editorial team is here to help you write about science for a general audience. Your pitches will be accepted on the strength of your ideas and how well they fit into the magazine style and vision — we'll help you with the writing part.  

In your pitch, please include:

  • A paragraph outlining the article you wish to write including the topic, your angle, key points to address and questions to explore.

  • Article type: Feature (themed) articles are typically between 1,200 and 2,000 words, while general (non-themed) articles and columns are typically between 800 and 1,200 words.

  • Some background information and/or links to articles on the broader topic, and an explanation of what new information or angle your piece will provide; and

  • Key researchers or experts you might approach for comment

Types of pitches Lateral accepts:


Feature (themed) articles are typically between 1,200 and 2,000 words. Each issue, we publish a feature article in every section (5-6 total). Each issue will have a pitching deadline - see above.
We pay AUD$50 for feature articles.


General (non-themed) articles are typically between 800 and 1,200 words. General articles can be pitched at any time.
We pay AUD$30 for general articles.


Column articles are usually 600-1000 words long. Having a column requires you to regularly publish on a particular topic (every month or every two months) for a year. When pitching a column idea, make sure to include at least three article ideas that fit what you want your column to be on.
We pay AUD$30 for each column article.

Upcoming themes and deadlines:

Issue 31 (MarCh 2019): SIDEKICKS

Pitching Deadline: closed

Please send pitches to the relevant sections:

General/miscellaneous pitches: editor@lateralmag.com

Art & Popular Culture pitches: artcult@lateralmag.com

Life Science pitches: lifesci@lateralmag.com

Physical Science pitches: physsci@lateralmag.com

Philosophy & History pitches: philhist@lateralmag.com

Society & Education pitches: socedu@lateralmag.com

Artwork: artdirector@lateralmag.com

For each issue, we also commission artwork. This includes our issue banner, and images to accompany each of the features. We send artists drafts of the articles, so the art matches the story as closely as possible, while retaining the style of the artist.
We pay AUD$50 for feature artwork and AUD$100 for the issue banner.

If you’re interested in producing artwork for Lateral contact
Nicki on artdirector@lateralmag.com.