September 2017—January 2018

Don't Panic — we're on hiatus

We are currently on hiatus. But don't worry, we'll be back in February 2018 with a brand new issue. In the meantime, the Lateral editors have pulled some of their favourite Lateral stories from the archives.

Below you’ll find tales of robots that track whales, deadly venoms that might become life-saving medicines, sex robots that may or may not double as works of art, and songs of elemental particles that allow us to hear fundamental physics. 

In August 2015, when we launched Lateral, we only ever envisaged the magazine lasting one year. But now that we’ve survived past our second birthday, we’re taking some time to plan for the future, to ensure that Lateral continues to grace your screens in the long term, and to seek feedback from our readers:  What are you most excited about? What things would you most like to see Lateral doing, and what might you change? 

We’ll still be publishing general articles in this time during our hiatus, so pitch us if you have an idea. Otherwise, explore some of our editors' favourite features from our two-year run. If you like what you see, please do donate to our crowdfunding campaign, so we can help more budding science communicators sharpen their skills and tell more stories of science.

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Crowdfunding campaign

Building up to our relaunch in February 2018, we are running a crowdfunding campaign to ensure the future of Lateral. Please watch and share.


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